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Our View

"Drink better beer" :sound advice we reckon.

What They Say

The Bottle Shop was founded in 2010 with the aim of allowing people the opportunity to drink better beer. We initially served over 150 bottles to drink-in or take-away at the same price. something we've never deviated from, at The Goods Shed in Canterbury and genuinely didn't know whether anyone would believe in our concept. Would people really want to drink bottled beer in a cavernous wooden barn? Fortunately, they did. We knew that finding beer that wasn't being sold by others was important to us being valuable and we began to import beer from Scandinavia and America; initially for our own needs but then increasingly to sell to bars and shops across the UK.

We firmly believe in offering an uncompromised experience to our customers; both in the service we provide and the quality of beer we offer.

ADDRESS: 7-8 Marine Dr, Margate CT9 1DH

Opening Hours

Season: All year.